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90% of Families Report Overall Satisfaction with Our Programs

4.5 out of 5 stars

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“I love summerLEAP because it teaches us a lot of things and help people who are shy like me”

- Child, at summerLeap at YMCA

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"It keeps my child learning, focused and involved."

- Parent, at summerLEAP at C&S

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"summerLEAP helps you to be smart and strong."

- Child, at summerLEAP at VOA

— Name, Title

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"The summerLEAP program has helped my son continue to learn new things and not be so shy around others. He's much more vocal and has so much more control over his emotions. "

-Parent, summerLEAP at PreK site

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"Keeps the children learning, keeps their brains fresh, and their social skills intact. "

- Parent, summerLEAP at Adams Street R-Center

In 2022 , families reported

"Because of a GRSLA supported program..."

  • 77%of families reported summerLEAP enables them to continue working during the summer 


  • 41%of families reported summerLEAP enabled them to attend to family responsibilities

  • 14% of families reported summerLEAP enabled them to continue or attend training 

Our 2018 survey asked families: 
Without a GRSLA supported program, where would your child have been during the summer?

Ensuring that your child is safe and cared for during the summer months can be stressful, especially for working parents.


23% of our families said that they were unsure where their children would have been over the summer without summerLEAP.

Many of the alternatives available to our families would not be able to provide enrichment activities or extra support in reading and math. Students not enrolled in summerLEAP would have potentially missed out on 216 hours of learning! 

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