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Our Consortium Model

Our consortium brings together both public and private

educational institutions as well as community based

organizations to collaborate and champion high-quality

summer learning.


GRSLA is working to create: 

  • shared vision and region-wide coordination 

  • engaged leadership

  • shared data management systems

  • continuous quality improvement

  • joint marketing and communications strategies

       that build awareness and support recruitment


Our goal is to build a data-driven, outcome-strong, sustainable network

of summer learning pathways from PreK through 12th grade for our local

low-income students. Ultimately, we hope to develop a model that other

regions can look to and replicate as we demonstrate effective public-private

partnerships and proven results.

Community Partnerships

GRSLA’s consortium is made up of local educational institutions and community based organizations who provide evidence-based summer learning programs on their campuses. Each of our programs have their own unique culture with daily routines and yearly traditions that meet the needs of their students while showcasing the expertise of their teachers and staff.

Under-Resourced Students

Our programs recruit and enroll students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, have difficulty in reading and math, and could benefit from additional instruction and individualized support.

Members of GRSLA’s consortium serve students in Early Pre-Kindergarten & Universal Pre-Kindergarten and students in grades K-8. Some of our K-8 programs have partnerships with local schools and prioritize enrolling students from these schools. All of our programs place special emphasis on enrolling siblings together.

Programs Accessible to Families

In order to provide opportunities for students we must provide access. All of our programs are tuition free and provide breakfast, a daily snack, and lunch at no cost to our families. Transportation, provided by the Rochester City School District, is offered to all of our K-8 students.

Family Engagement 

When students trust the adults around them, understand that they matter, and feel safe in their environment it is easier for them to learn. This is why the Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Model paired with Family Engagement are the cornerstones of our work. We build long-term relationships with our students and their families that express care, challenge growth, provide support, share growth, and expand opportunities.

Families are encouraged to be part of their student’s summer learning experience. Our programs host a variety of family engagement activities each summer including: student showcases, ice cream socials, cooking demonstrations, and opportunities to chaperone field trips. GRSLA’s family support team works directly with families to ensure that they understand the program goals and objectives, their student’s specific program activities and schedules, and the importance of daily attendance. These staff members continue to work with families throughout the summer to address any issues that may arise, as well as celebrate their student’s success. They then help families to re-enroll for the following summer in the fall.   

Summer-After-Summer Approach

Each summer we are excited to have students return to our programs where they can catch up with friends, try new things, and receive academic support that will keep them on track for the next school year. We look forward to supporting families and helping students build on academic success and the social and emotional skills explored the summer before.

After completing our UPK program we look to move students into one of our K-8 programs, where they can continue to learn, experience new opportunities and develop relationship with peers and adults who are invested in their academic  and long-term success. 

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