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GRSLA uses the three assessment tools listed below to measure the effectiveness of our programs. We track and monitor these results summer after summer to ensure that our programs continue to support our students. 

COR Advantage

To assess student progress during our PreK program, we use the Child Observation Record (COR) Advantage, an observation-based tool that is used throughout Rochester’s early childhood community during the academic year. A student’s final COR score from the end of the academic year serves as the pre-test, and the end-of-summer COR score serves as the post-test. The comparison between pre-test and post-test scores allow us to track student progress in eight developmental categories (such as math, language, and science) and to determine kindergarten readiness. The results of the COR are published annually in our summer RECAP reports, showing that our PreK program reduces summer learning loss and increases kindergarten readiness. 

COR Advantage

Teacher-Child Rating Scale (T-CRS)

Like the COR Advantage, the Teacher-Child Rating Scale (T-CRS) is an observation-based assessment tool that is used to track students’ social and emotional  progress during GRSLA’s PreK program. The T-CRS measures a student based on four domains, including behavior control, assertiveness, peer social skills, and task orientation. The summer RECAP reports show that our PreK program helps keep summer learning loss related to these social-emotional competencies at bay. 

Star Reading & Math

GRSLA’s K-8th programs use Star 360 Assessments to measure how students are progressing in reading and math skills during the summer. Each student takes the online assessments twice: once at the very beginning of summer programming and again at the end, allowing us to assess how individual students are growing as a result of the program. The Star 360 Assessments also allow us to track each student’s progress summer-after-summer, revealing how summer learning is impacting their overall learning trajectory over time. 

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