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Kindergarten Readiness

"The academic success of children in later years depends heavily upon their kindergarten readiness. The first few years of education and preparedness are the most crucial to establishing a solid foundation from which children can adapt to school systems and learn successfully. During this period, children develop primary skills that form the foundations of reading, counting, and social interaction." -Brian Cox, United Way

Summer after summer,

the Child Observation Record (COR) Advantage

has provided data revealing that GRSLA's  programs for Universal PreK students

(4 year-olds) increase kindergarten readiness!

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K Readiness

. . . and Kindergarten Success

A 2018 analysis, conducted by the Children's Institute showed that Kindergarten students who participated in one of GRSLA's Universal PreK programs scored significantly higher on the Brigance Kindergarten Assessment than peers who only attended Universal PreK during the school year and peers who did not attend Universal PreK during the school year or a GRSLA summer learning program.

“The superior performance of the UPK+Summer children on the

Brigance… indicates that GRSLA

summer learning programs effects can persist beyond the immediate post-program timeframe."

(Lotyczewski, 2018,p. 6)

Early Literacy 

The goal is simple: by the time they reach 3rd grade, we want students involved in our programs to be at reading level. We want to help them gain the literacy skills they need to build a strong foundation for high school, college, and beyond.

 In 2018, the Children's Institute 

analyzed the STAR Reading & Math results of 952 students in grades K-8 who participated in one of GRSLA's summer learning programs.  

Early literacy for students in K-3 increased over the 6-week program period

Reading & math scores 

for students in K-8 reamained constant over the 6-week program period.

This means no signs of summer learning loss!


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