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The Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit, regional consortium that brings together both public and private educational institutions as well as community based organizations to collaborate and champion high-quality summer learning.

Together, we are leveraging our combined resources to accomplish a common goal: closing the opportunity gap for local low-income students.

Our consortium is working to create: 

  • a shared vision and region-wide coordination 

  • engaged leadership

  • shared data management systems

  • continuous quality improvement

  • joint marketing and communications strategies

     that build awareness and support recruitment

Summer 2023

GRSLA serves 315 Students​

      -90 EPK Students

      -225 UPK Students

The Harley School launches the Horizons at Harley Program.

Desiring to support more youth and families, the Harley School commits to facilitating the regional growth of additional summer learning providers.

EnCompass & the University of Rochester both launch

Horizons affiliate programs.

The Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association is formed. Harley, Encompass, and the University of Rochester join together with Nazareth College, Monroe Community College and SUNY Geneseo.

Allendale Columbia and The College at Brockport join GRSLA, enrolling in their first kindergarten classes.

GRSLA pilots its first UPK classroom for rising kindergarteners at the Harley School.

GRSLA pilots its first EPK Classrooms for 3 years olds summerLEAP at YMCA is launched.

summerLEAP at West Irondequoit joins GRSLA and enrolls its first class of Kindergartners.



Horizons at Harley graduates its first class of raising 8th graders.









Horizons at Harley celebrates its 25th anniversary

The University of Rochester's Horizons Program, Horizons at Warner, celebrates its 10th anniversary

GRSLA pilots one UPK classroom at the Adams Street R-Center in a Partnership with the City of Rochester, Department of Recreation and Youth Services (DRYS)

GRSLA celebrates its 5th consecutive summer of increasing Kindergarten Readiness.


GRSLA partners with three community-based organizations, Ibero, Friendship Children's Center, and Baden Street Child Development Center, to offer UPK classrooms.

GRSLA develops and implements the Summer 2020 Family Support Initiative (FSI)

Summer 2011

GRSLA serves 325 Students

Summer 2013

GRSLA serves 595 Students

- 583 K+ Students

- 12 UPK Students

Summer 2014

GRSLA serves 775 Students

- 718 K+ Students

- 57 UPK Students

Summer 2017

GRSLA serves 1197 Students

- 878 K+ Students

- 247 UPK Students

- 72   EPK Students

Summer 2018

GRSLA serves 1512 Students

- 1105 K+ Students

- 269   UPK Students

- 138   EPK Students

Summer 2019

GRSLA serves 1495 Students

1125 K+ Students

210 UPK Students

- 160 EPK Students

Summer 2020

GRSLA serves 130 Students

130 UPK Students



Summer 2021

GRSLA serves 240 Students

-240 UPK Students

Summer 2022

GRSLA serves 221 Students​

      -221 UPK Students



After four years, GRSLA reintroduces EPK classrooms to the summerLEAP program.

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