EnCompass 3D

EnCompass: Resources for Learning is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization that provides innovative educational services to students who struggle to learn and to the families, schools and professionals that support them. These services are matched to each student’s unique learning style in order to achieve success and enhance lifelong learning.

EnCompass brings together Norman Howards School’s proven educational practices with the broad expertise of local professionals, creating a network of services to support students, families and professionals in Rochester and its surrounding counties.

Program Director: Heather Krenzer

HMKMRKHeather is responsible for hiring and evaluating staff, working collaboratively with community partners to ensure services are aligned with the unique needs of the youth and population being served. She oversees partnership, curriculum and training. Prior to her work at EnCompass, Heather was a special education teacher at the Norman Howard School as well as School of the Holy Childhood. She has extensive experience working in and leading programs for diverse and underserved youth. She holds a master’s degree in curriculum with teaching certification in special education.

Email: hkrenzer@encompassresources.org